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1. Is your book only for women?

No! As any English majors out there might notice, I’ve decided to claim myself as ‘the’ Hip Girl and I used my apostrophe strategically to say, “this is my guide (and I happen to be a girl)”. Guys shouldn’t be embarassed in the least by picking up this book. (But you wouldn’t anyway, now, would you? You’re comfortable with your sexuality [wink, wink]).

2. May I quote content or use posted pictures?

Like most situations involving manners, if you ask first, you should be fine. It takes time to write the things I post here (and I don’t get paid for it). I appreciate people asking before quoting more than a sentence or two or before you copy and paste any of my pictures to your desktop (and repost—even with a photo credit—to your blog).

3. May I guest blog for you?

Yes! Not every query will be a good match for this site, but you are welcome to pitch your post idea. Guest blog posts will need to include at least 1 original (not stock) photograph of same aesthetic and quality of photos on the site. [I shoot most of the images you see on the site with an iPhone 4 camera, minorly adjusted in Photoshop.]

To pitch, please include

  • your proposed topic
  • a few samples of your writing (on your blog or elsewhere)
  • whether you have or can take a photo of similar quality to what’s on the site

Do NOT send me a message saying, “so I was interested in offering you some Unique content to post in your site” without any mention of what unique, relevant content in which you want me to deposit linkbacks to your promotional site.

Byline and relevant link-ups will be included for guest posts. As for payment, since I’m not getting paid to blog here (yet), neither will you (yet). Guest blogging is just a fun way to spread word of your personal blog or site and share our mutual audience base.

4. What is the best way to purchase your book?

Many people have (kindly!) asked the best way to purchase my book, meaning generating the most lucrative or direct benefit to myself in the process. Well, as of August 2011, I’m selling it directly via the middle information bar, under Stay Connected. Paypal manages the payments so you can use Paypal account credits or any major credit card to order. Shipping rates are calculated using USPS Priority Mail flat-rate envelopes and boxes. Austin-area folks, email me and I’ll get a signed book to you minus the shipping!

Other good options include purchasing it at your local bookstore, which is actually great for sales numbers, or if you’d like to buy it online, using the Amazon link on my site, also posted in the middle information bar, offers direct kickbacks to me for every book purchased through the Amazon Associates program.

5. May I advertise on your site?

Yes. Beginning May 2012, I’m selecting specific companies to work with and might love to work with you. Companies are selected based on brand relevancy and other corporate responsibility factors. Send me an email if interested and let me know what you have in mind and I’ll share with you my sponsor level packet and blog traffic portfolio. And, no, inserting random links inside posts for cheap insurance, plastic surgery and other irrelevant promotional stuff is not of interest to me.

6. Your question here. Ask me anything!